Lash Techniques

How to create a clean lash line?

no hidden secrets



So many of our students ask us, What are the techniques used to achieving clean, crisp set.  I've noticed that a lot of lash trainers and educators, or even lash artist in general LOVE to hide their secret methods.  BUT enough hiding. It always comes down to these lashing techniques.


These are the methods and techniques that Dear Lash Babe lash artist use when creating a full set of lash extensions. 

ALWAYS When it doubt, map it out. It doesn't matter how advanced you are in your lash career. You should always been mapping out your lash sets. We do this to avoid forgetting the lengths we are applying on our client. 

Choose your lash lengths depending on the lash mapping you are using for your client. You wouldn't have the longest length on the outer corner of your clients lashes if you were doing a open eye on your client, would you? no! 

Figure out the safest longest length you can apply to your client but completing a detailed consultation with your client. During the consultation period you would have assessed your clients natural lashes for any damage, strength, natural length and diameter.  Never lash too far to the outer corner. 

This can cause your clients eyes to droop, thus making your client look older and tired.  Lash in layers. You can achieve this by placing your longest lengths on the bottom layer, closest to the pupil (eg. 12s), then drop 1mm for the middle row (eg. 11) and drop another 1mm in length for the top layer, closest to the eye lid (eg. 10mm). You can reverse this method if you’re trying to achieve a wispy top line and a denser bottom line. 

Attachment is the final technique needed to achieve this goal. You'll need to attach all your lash extensions exactly 1mm  away from the natural lash line. If you're placing your lash extensions in a staggered 1mm, 2mm, 3mm then you will not achieve and crisp, eyeliner, clean looking set of lash extensions. Not only is it staggered and unattractive, it would also be unhealthy for your clients natural lashes to already have added weight to a natural lash in the wrong place. 

You would need to assess if your clients have naturally lifted lashes or drooping lashes. Some may have a mixture. If your clients lashes are naturally lifted, then place your lash extensions on your clients lashes using the under attachment technique. If your clients lashes are pointing downwards then use a on top attachment technique. 


By using our Dear Lash Babe techniques, you’re bound to create amazing lash sets and advance your lash game. 



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