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Welcome to Dear Lash Babe. I'm Brianna Mollica, Lash Technician, Trainer, Business Mentor and Salon Owner. I founded DLB to help women feel empowered, confident and beautiful.

From a young age, my happiness and who I was, was defined and controlled by others around me. As the years progressed, I started to question ‘who do I want to be?’ ‘what defines me?’ and most importantly ‘what will make me happy?’.  This existential realisation that I wanted to grow into my own woman prompted some big changes in my mind set. I decided to leave my studies in architectural drafting and began a career in hair dressing. I loved my craft, I loved the creativity and worked hard to build my skills, but something was holding me back. I lacked the confidence to be my authentic self.

This realisation about my lack of sense of self drove me to want to do more to change. I began researching careers in the beauty industry and wondered if I had the talent to be a part of it. I received a phone call out of the blue from a lash extension company I had forgotten I had even enquired to. Until this point, I had never heard of lash extensions and would not have even considered that it could be something I could build a fulfilling career in. It just seemed to good to be true. Being told I could earn an income, in the comfort of my own home, be my own boss & run my own business. It seemed so unattainable, but something drew me to it. It was the sign I had been waiting for. For the first time in a long time, I felt hope, excitement, and like this could be the path for me. I took a leap of faith and I signed up to an online lash extension course.

A few weeks later, I had received my eyelash extension kit in the mail. Eager to begin I had set up my laptop and my mannequin head and began to practice everything I needed to recreate what my mentor was teaching.

I felt so empowered when learning on my mannequin. It had taught me to apply myself to learn the skills I needed to create the perfect lash set. I very quickly overcame my fear of failure, and started to genuinely believe that this might just be my true passion.

My first experience with a real live model was daunting at first. I placed each lash meticulously and wanted to achieve perfection. 6 hours in, and at this point I had only filled around 70% of her natural lashes. My hands were cramped, and my models back was very sore. I may not have finished that set, but in that 6 hours I became addicted to the art and I knew in that moment I wouldn’t give up.

As my passion grew, I started to realise just how much more information there was out there. I got a great start in lashing, but there was just so much more to learn. Like most crafts, as time progresses, techniques change, new ways to do things emerged and I realised I needed to know more, and I spent my time seeking out other lash technicians with new and innovative ways to lash. This took my career to the next level. I became faster, more controlled and the lashing I was producing started to resembled what I was seeing in other professional lash technicians work on social media and around me.

A fire was lit inside me, I was officially addicted and doing something that I loved! As my skill level increased, so did my confidence. Once timid and reluctant to communicate, I really came out of my shell and started to love chatting to my clients, and took so much pride in what I did. After all, they had the confidence in me to let me control something that is very important, their appearance. It felt so validating to know that I could make people feel their best.

After a year lashing at home and building a client base, I had dedicated every moment of my spare time to building small product line, website and online store. My passion continued to grow and I began working for my lash mentors company, training and mentoring thousands of new students in her online lash course. I was having the time of my life and realised that for the first time in my life, I had finally found myself and I was obsessed with my career. I finally knew exactly who I am.

It became clear to me that although I had mastered my art, my true passion for lashing was in fact teaching. I would find myself excitedly explaining my technique to clients, talking them through the process and hearing people react to my excitement made me realise how much satisfaction I gained from educating others. I also adored helping my students understand, troubleshoot and master their own skills. It was so empowering and exciting.

I wanted nothing more than anything to build and expand on Dear Lash Babe again. I was working so hard teaching others that I was neglecting my own business. I had to put my energy back into building my business. I had built up a large client base of loyal clients, business was booming, but something did not feel right…. I missed my students.

I began to offer free mentoring sessions to lash technicians who wanted to expand their knowledge but didn’t have the resources to do so. I was starting to scratch that old teaching itch, but it just wasn’t enough for me. I wanted to train more and more students.

It finally hit me, how I would live my truth and take my passion to the next level… it was time for me to start developing my own online lash extension course. My goal was to develop a course that was affordable and that would take the guess work out of learning the art of lashing. I worked tirelessly to ensure my lash extension kits would be nothing but high quality and packed with everything my students would need to train as effortlessly as possible.

And you know what? I DID IT! Since releasing my online lash extension course, I have built my self-confidence and became the woman I always dreamt of being. As I build my own empire, I am also watching my students build fulfilling careers, establish their very own businesses and find career satisfaction they never thought possible.

I could not be more proud to be a part of Dear Lash Babe & we know you will be too.





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