Monarch Advanced Adhesive

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Our Monarch adhesive is one of our easiest to use glues. This is the perfect adhesive for an advanced lash stylist who likes their adhesive drying fast and applies thin on the base of their lash extensions. Our Monarch adhesive has a drying time of 0.05 seconds and a retention period lasting 5 to 6 weeks. 

Monarch is designed to make volume lashing easier than ever. We prefer to tap the base of our volume fans into the adhesive to seal the fan in its form to avoid movement and thus creating a really easy lash set. 

The lash adhesive wraps around your clients natural lashes seamlessly and doesn't clump or crystallise. It's definitely recommended for lash artist who work quickly. 

Our adhesive is only for professional use only. 


Size: 5ml 

Colour: Black

Fumes: Minimal 

Drying Time: 0.5 - 1 Second

Retention: 7-8 weeks 

Structure: Flexible

Viscosity: Medium 

Optimal Humidity Range: 40-60%

Temperature Range: 16-24℃ (60.8-75.2℉)

Shelf Life: Opened bottles 1-3 months & Unopened bottles: 7-8 months


It is important to note:

Humidity is lower than 40%, the glue may be drying slower.
Humidity is higher than 60%, the glue may be drying quicker.
Temperature is lower than 20°C (64.4°F), the glue may be drying slower.
Temperature is higher than 25°C (71.6°F), the glue may be drying quicker.





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